Kyrie Irving Continues To Push For Kobe Bryant To Become The New NBA Logo

For decades, the National Basketball Association has featured the silhouette of a Los Angeles Lakers legend. In recent months, players have pushed for the Los Angeles Lakers to still be represented in the logo, but a movement is brewing for a new Lakers icon to be profiled. His name is Kobe Bryant.

Following the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, players began pushing for the logo to be switched from a silhouette of Jerry West to one of Bryant. Brooklyn Nets Point Guard Kyrie Irving is the latest star player to join this movement. In a recent Instagram post, Irving highlighted Bryant's impact and legacy.

"[It's] got to happen. [I don't care] what anyone says. Black kings built the league," the 2021 NBA All-Star point guard.

It appears that the Bryant household is in favor of the change. Bryant's widow, Vanessa Bryant, posted a screenshot of Irving's post on her Instagram story.

"[I] love this Kobe Bryant," Vanessa Bryant said.

Bryant and Irving's sentiments are echoed by the fans. More than two million people have signed an online petition asking the NBA to change the logo to a silhouette of Kobe Bryant.

“With the untimely and unexpected passing of the great Kobe Bryant, please sign this petition in an attempt to immortalize him forever as the new NBA logo,” the petition reads.

It is unlikely that Kobe Bryant will become the next NBA logo. While artist Alan Siegel admitted the logo was inspired by Jerry West, the NBA has never publicly acknowledged that the logo features a single player. As a result, the NBA has never run into any legal or financial holdups in regard to the logo. For that reason, it is unlikely that the logo will be switched to a silhouette of Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James or any other modern-day player.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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