Ted Cruz Jokes That Orlando Weather Isn’t As Nice As Cancún

As Texans work to rebuild their homes and secure food for their families, Senator Ted Cruz is making jokes. 

“I gotta say, Orlando is awesome! It’s not as nice as Cancún,” Cruz remarked while giving a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday (February 26) in Orlando, Florida. 

The senator made headlines last week after photos of him boarding a flight to Cancún, Mexico circulated social media while millions of his constituents were fighting through a deadly and historic winter storm.

After the photo made its rounds online, and many wanted answers for why he abandoned his people, the senator returned to Texas, placing the blame of taking the trip on his kids He handed out supplies, but appears to have left again to joke about the dire situation Texans are in. 

Some social media users are noting that the senator’s speech comes as President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden makes a visit to the Lone Star state to assess damage and meet with Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who’s faced scrutiny of his own during the coronavirus pandemic and storm. 

CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins tweeted that Sen. Cruz wasn’t invited on Biden’s trip, nor did he ask to join, per White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Some social media users have come to Cruz’s defense stating that he couldn’t be doing anything to change people’s situation, however, when it comes to the job of a senator, one is constitutionally charged to “provide for the general welfare” under Article I. 

It’s unclear if Senator Cruz is slated to stay the duration of the CPAC conference, but the work of the people across the state will continue. 

Photo: Getty Images

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