Students Around The World Participate In #MyFreedomDay

In classrooms around the globe, virtually and in-person, students are taking part of #MyFreedomDay, a social media campaign that is aiming to bring awareness to modern-day systems of slavery and human trafficking. 

According to CNN, the social media campaign is bringing attention to aspects of daily life for many that contribute to systems of oppression and forced labor of people. 

“The materials in your electronics could be the product of forced labor in modern slavery systems,” one post from the outlet reads. 

Throughout the day, students are tuning into the discussion, sharing their assignments and perspectives, all with the mission of bringing more awareness to the issues at hand, and providing more information and resources on what consumers can do to help. 

The day is a part of the CNN Freedom Project, which was started in 2011 to report on the global human trafficking crisis. The project aims to “unravel the tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life.” They accomplish their work by “amplifying the voices of survivors” and “holding governments and businesses accountable,” according to the initiative’s website.

To take part in the day, click here

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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