NFL Network To Broadcast Inaugural HBCU Legacy Bowl In February 2022

The Black College Football Hall of Fame has announced that it will launch the HBCU Legacy Bowl next February. The BCF Hall of Fame hopes that this showcase will highlight Black college players aiming to play at the next level. To put this game together, the BCF Hall of Fame is also working with Tulane University and the NFL.

"The HBCU Legacy Bowl means opportunity and exposure for HBCU players and coaches," Super Bowl-winning quarterback Doug Williams said.

"We're excited to have this in New Orleans, especially during Black History Month."

The inaugural showcase is set to take place at Yulman Stadium on the campus of Tulane University one week after Super Bowl LVI. NFL Network will broadcast the game nationally. As it stands now, 100 players will be invited to participate in the event.

"HBCUs are a bridge to equality," Super Bowl XXXV winner James "Shack" Harris added.

"We thank the NFL for their support and in sharing our commitment to lifting up others."

This is the NFL's latest attempt at increasing HBCU participation on and off the field. Last November, the NFL collaborated with the CIAA, SIAC, MEAC and SWAC to host the inaugural "Madden NFL 21 x HBCU Tournament." Students attending institutions in these four athletic conferences played for cash prizes. All parties involved hope that hosting these tournaments will boost HBCU representation in the growing E-Sports industry.

"This tournament is all about engaging student bodies across Historically Black Colleges and Universities," Rachel Hoagland of the NFL said.

"We are committed to providing opportunities and fostering a welcoming environment for students who are passionate about games like Madden NFL 21. Throughout the year, we have collaborated with the four conferences on several initiatives and are looking forward to further enhancing our relationship. This tournament is a unique opportunity for students who are passionate about games like Madden NFL 21 to engage with the NFL and we are excited to work with Nerd Street Gamers."

The next tournament is expected to be held in November 2021.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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