Jackson City Officials Lift Boil Water Advisory Weeks After Crisis Began

City officials in Jackson, Mississippi have lifted the boil advisory that was issued more than a year ago. The news was shared via Facebook on Wednesday.

"The City of Jackson has officially received clearance from the Mississippi State Department of Health to lift the precautionary boil water notice on its 43K surface water connections served by the OB Curtis and JH Fewell Water Treatment Plants," the Facebook post stated.

The boil water advisory was initially handed down after a series of winter storms significantly damaged the city's water supply. In response, some residents complained of low water pressure and potential no water for four weeks. As the situation worsened, state officials jumped in to offer assistance.

"The outpouring of support we’ve received for our residents has been so gracious. We are grateful," Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba tweeted.

After nearly a month of work and struggle, the state has reported that water services have "largely" been restored in the area.

"Today we delivered our second batch surface water samples to the Mississippi State Health Department (MSHD) for testing. Yesterday’s samples came back good. If all goes well with this second batch, we hope to have good news tomorrow. Until then, the precautionary boil water notice remains in effect for all 43K surface water connections in Jackson," the state wrote in an update.

"We are confident that water service has been largely restored throughout the City. We had another good day today with water pressure staying around 90 psi. Any remaining incidents of low/no water pressure are likely localized meter issues or broken pipes."

It appears that a final resolution may be near. In the meantime, residents in need continue to search for bottled water, hand sanitizing wipes and other materials.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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