Teen Vogue Staffer's Racist Tweets Resurface Amid Alexi McCammond Firing

Teen Vogue continues to deal with issues of racism and offensive comments made by their employees on social media. Over the weekend, Twitter users unearthed old tweets from Condé Nast Senior Social Media Manager Christine Davitt in which she used a racial slur.

“N— I miss yo a--,” she tweeted.

“N— you owe me a nap.” she wrote in another tweet.

In recent days, Davitt has been vocal about the firing of incoming Teen Vogue Editor-In-Chief Alexi McCammond. She was one of many Teen Vogue staffers that called for McCammond to be let go after it was revealed that she had made racist comments toward Asian-Americans in the past. In one tweet, McCammond referred to a teacher's assistant as a "stupid Asian." In another tweet, she said that she searched Google so that she could find ways to "not wake up with swollen, Asian eyes." McCammond issued an apology, but the two felt that it was best that they go their separate ways.

“After speaking with Alexi this morning, we agreed that it was best to part ways, so as to not overshadow the important work happening at Teen Vogue,” Stan Duncan of Condé Nast said.

“My past tweets have overshadowed the work I’ve done to highlight the people and issues that I care about — issues that Teen Vogue has worked tirelessly to share with the world," McCammond added.

As her tweets have resurfaced, popular journalists like Roland Martin have called out her use of the word "n—." However, it's unclear if Condé Nast will issue a statement or let Davitt go from her position at Teen Vogue. Davitt has made her Twitter account private and she has not offered an apology yet.

"There is no room for racism, period," CNN Contributor XiXi Yang tweeted after learning of Davitt's old tweets.

"Wow. Condé Nast needs to make transparent their hiring standards and policy!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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