Consumers Worry After Comedian Claims He Found Shrimp In His Cereal Box

Twitter is in shambles after a comedian by the name of Jensen Karp made a shocking discovery in his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. After enjoying a bowl of the General Mills cereal, he began pouring another bowl to enjoy. However, he stopped before he even filled the bowl because he found a shrimp tail inside the box. From there, he decided to take a closer look at his favorite cereal. Then, he started to notice black stripes on a few of the square-shaped cereal bites. Pictures of his discovery quickly went viral and captured the attention of thousands across the app.

As time went on, the General Mills brand chimed in and offered to help. At first, they offered to send another box of cereal. Given what he had just discovered, Karp declined the offer. In time, General Mills began looking into the matter further. It is unclear if they spoke to Karp directly about his specific situation, but the brand did offer a potential explanation.

"After further investigation with our team that closely examined the image, it appears to be an accumulation of the cinnamon sugar that sometimes can occur when ingredients aren't thoroughly blended. We assure you that there's no possibility of cross-contamination with shrimp," the cereal brand tweeted.

"While we are still investigating this matter, we can say with confidence that this did not occur at our facility. We are waiting for the consumer to send us the package to investigate further. Any consumers who notice their cereal box or bag has been tampered with, such as the clear tape that was found in this case, should contact us."

Unfortunately, many people weren't buying Cinnamon Toast Crunch's initial statement. Several people called them out for seemingly dodging the issue and placing the blame somewhere else.

"You clearly need to attend a business seminar that teaches the difference between 'the kind of lie that makes the problem go away' and 'the kind of lie that makes the problem infinitely worse' because this, my friend, is the latter kind," neurobiologist Kalera Stratton tweeted.

"Here's a [screenshot] from a video of cinnamon toast crunch being made. The chute is wide open. Conceivably, [an] employee feeling snack-ish, could be standing right there eating shrimp and accidentally dropping a tail or two right where hot cereal is about to be coated," another Twitter user added.

In the end, things landed where they usually land on Twitter, comedy. After a while, everyone and everyone jumped in with jokes.

Stay tuned for more developments in this earth-shattering story.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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