Michael Rapaport Highlights Social Media Feud With Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Michael Rapaport will not be hanging out with each other anytime soon. The former NBA MVP and actor are apparently embroiled in a feud that kicked off through social media.

The back and forth between the two started months ago when Rapaport openly chastised Durant's interaction with NBA Commentator and former NBA MVP Charles Barkley on TNT. Durant fired back and chaos ensued. While some of the messages do not have timestamps, it appears that this interaction lasted over the course of a few weeks. Durant launched expletive-filled insults like "b----" and "p----" at Rapaport and the actor called him a "p---" and a "d-------." After going back and forth with the NBA star, Rapaport shared screenshots of their private messages with his Twitter followers.

***The tweet below contains profane and offensive language***

In the days since Rapaport shared screenshots of their private conversation, the feud has only grown stronger. Onlookers have called out the two-time NBA Champion's use of homophobic and misogynistic language. Specifically, he referred to Rapaport as a "c-- guzzling b----" and a "p----." The Brooklyn Nets Forward could face a fine for his messages. In the past, NBA Champions Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant have been fined for using homophobic slurs on the court.

Others have criticized Rapaport for his initial comment about Durant and his decision to post direct messages on his public profile. The actor has also been accused of deleting some of his own messages before posting screenshots on Twitter. More recently, Rapaport said that he'd like to fight Durant.

"I'm going to break your f------ jaw," he said on a recent live podcast recording.

With the two publicly at odds, it appears that we far away from seeing the two interact during a Brooklyn Nets game.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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