Seven Officers Fired After Marvin Scott Dies In Police Custody

The Collin County Sherriff's Department has fired seven officers after Martin David Scott III died in police custody last month. One unnamed officer also resigned following Scott III's tragic death. Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner has said that the officers were fired for violating the "well-established Sheriff's Office policies and procedures" during the arrest.

"Evidence I have seen confirms that these detention officers violated well-established Sheriff's Office policies and procedures," Skinner stated.

"Everyone in Collin County deserves safe and fair treatment, including those in custody at our jail. I will not tolerate less."

Officers first interacted with Scott III on March 14 after they received a call about a disturbance at a local mall. When they first encountered Scott III, officers described his behavior as "erratic" and claimed that he potentially ingested illegal substances. As a result, he was transported to a local hospital for medical assistance. Three hours later, he was transferred to a local detention facility where officers said he exhibited "strange" behavior. The details regarding what happened next have been unclear and perplexing. At some point during his four-hour stay in the detention facility, officers placed a spit mask over Scott III's head and pepper-sprayed him.

“At around 10:22 p.m., while being placed on the restraint bed, Mr. Scott became non-responsive. Detention officers and nursing staff immediately provided emergency medical attention and called an ambulance," Skinner said in March.

Shortly thereafter, doctors pronounced Scott III dead. An investigation regarding the incident was opened shortly thereafter.

“As I promised Marvin Scott’s family, I intend to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into what happened. I’ve made the commitment to Marvin Scott’s family that at the appropriate time I will provide all of the facts related to this investigation to them," Skinner explained.

At this time, it is unclear if the officers involved will face criminal charges.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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