Paul Pierce Throws A Wild Party On Instagram Live, Fans React

If you think you had a better weekend than future NBA Hall of Fame Forward Paul Pierce, guess again! On Friday night, the former NBA Champion took to Instagram Live to share his Friday night festivities with his fans. Just moments into the Instagram Live, Pierce was surrounded by dancers, food and music. Alongside Pierce, it appears that his friends were playing poker. Simply put, the former Boston Celtic was having a good night.

As expected, Pierce's followers screen recorded his Instagram Live and reposted it on several different platforms. From there, chaos ensued and everyone seemingly knew how chaotic of a Friday night the former NBA star had.

***The videos below may contain profane language and/or partial nudity***

While it was certainly entertaining to see Pierce's wild Friday night play out on social media, fans began wondering about how his employer, ESPN, would react to the matter. Pierce joined the worldwide leader in sports back in 2017 and has been a staple in their NBA coverage ever since. It is unlikely that Pierce did anything that would land him in any serious trouble with his employer, but fans had fun imagining how executives at ESPN would respond to his Instagram Live.

***The videos below may contain profane language***

After social media spent hours making jokes at his expense, Pierce decided to address the matter in a way that only he could. As basketball fans around the world tuned into the men's Final Four, he simply tweeted, "Good morning." There's just one issue with his tweet. It came at nearly 10 p.m. ET. Again, no one seemingly had more fun this weekend than Paul Pierce.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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