Kim Godwin Expected To Become Next Leader Of ABC News

CBS veteran Kim Godwin is poised to become the next leader of ABC News, Variety reported. Godwin would be the first Black person in the nation to lead a news division of a broadcast network once confirmed. 

The outlet reported that Godwin was offered the role a few weeks ago but CBS CEO George Cheeks only recently let Godwin out of her contract. A source close to the matter told Variety the network wanted Godwin to stay, making the decision to let her out of the contract a hard one. 

There hasn’t been an official announcement of the hire or offer, so things may change, but Godwin boasts an impressive resume full of leadership experience and impact.

Godwin has been a part of the CBS Network since 2007. She rose to the position of executive vice president and previously worked at the executive director for development and diversity and was the senior broadcast producer of CBS Evening News.  

Godwin has also received multiple Emmy Awards for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story during her tenure at CBS. Before joining CBS, she served as the interim director for journalism at the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication at Florida A&M University

Photo: Getty Images

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