George Floyd’s Girlfriend Was Daunte Wright’s Teacher In High School

During a press conference on Tuesday (April 13), it was revealed that George Floyd’s girlfriend, Courteney Ross, was Daunte Wright’s teacher in high school. 

The families of George Floyd and Daunte Wright came together for the conference, offering comfort to one another and demanding justice for their loved ones. During the conference, the link between the families was revealed. Naisha Wright, Daunte Wright’s aunt, shared that Ross had been her nephew’s teacher at one point in time. 

Ross shared with The Washington Post that she was working as a dean at Edison High School while Daunte was a student there. 

She said Daunte was “a silly boy, as goofy as can be,” adding that he “needed a lot of love.” 

Wright was fatally shot on Sunday (April 11) by Brooklyn Center police veteran Kim Potter during a traffic stop. Brooklyn Center is ten miles away from Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed by police officers. 

City leaders called the shooting of Wright “accidental” though his family and attorney, Ben Crump, are refuting that narrative. 

“I’m full of sorrow,” Ross said of Wright’s death. “We are constantly doing our disservice to our children. It’s so unfair.” Ross had been in a relationship with Floyd three years before his death last May. The murder trial of the former officer charged in his death entered its third week on Monday (April 12).

Protests have continued as the community mourns, and demands justice for Daunte and George Floyd. 

Photo: Getty Images

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