Missing LSU Student Kori Gauthier Found In Mississippi River

The search for a missing Louisiana State University student has come to a tragic ending. On April 14, the body of missing LSU student Kori Gauthier was found in the Mississippi River, more than 40 miles away from Baton Rouge. This development culminates a week-long search that was powered by multiple agencies and hundreds of volunteers.

"Since Kori was first reported missing, the LSU Police Department, Baton Rouge Police Department and other law enforcement agencies and volunteers have taken exhaustive measures to locate her and, in the process, to determine what led to her disappearance," LSU Police Chief Bart Thompson said.

"This is a difficult conclusion for all of us, but we hope this will bring closure for the Gauthier family."

According to her family, Gauthier was last seen on April 6. During the course of the search, police found her car abandoned on a bridge in the Baton Rouge area. At this time, Thompson has not indicated that there was any foul play. The police chief came to this conclusion after examining video footage, cell phone data and other evidence that has only been shared with the Gauthiers "out of respect for their privacy."

After days of searching for his niece, Spencer Gauthier asked people to listen "These Three Words" by Stevie Wonder in honor of Kori Gauthier. He also mentioned that Kori Gauthier had a deep passion for music, especially country.

"Listen to that song, hold on to those words, and live life," he said.

"[It's] not the end result that we were hoping for, but at least we have her body and can start the healing process."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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