Facebook To Remove Content That Mocks George Floyd's Death

Facebook is taking a proactive stance against violent speech as the trial of Derek Chauvin nears its conclusion. The social media company said it will remove any content that "praises, celebrates or mocks George Floyd's death."

Floyd was killed while being detained by officers in Minneapolis. During the encounter, Chauvin was filmed with his knee of Floyd's neck for over eight minutes before he died. Chauvin is on trial for charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter.

"We know this trial has been painful for many people. We want to strike the right balance between allowing people to speak about the trial and what the verdict means while still doing our part to protect everyone's safety. We will allow people to discuss, critique, and criticize the trial and the attorneys involved," Monika Bickert, Vice President, Content Policy, wrote in a blog post.

Facebook also said it will limit the spread of content including "hate speech, graphic violence, and violence and incitement." It will also remove pages, groups, and events that contain calls to bring arms to "high-risk locations."

"We know this trial has been difficult for many people. But we also realize that being able to discuss what is happening and what it means with friends and loved ones is important. As the trial comes to a close, we will continue doing our part to help people safely connect and share what they are experiencing," Bickert wrote.

Photo: Getty Images

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