Oldest Living American, Hester Ford, Passes Away At 116 Years Old

The oldest living person in America, Hester Ford, has passed away. Depending on which census report is referenced, Ford was lived to be either 115 or 116 years old. Amazingly, Ford managed to live on her own and without assistance until she was 108 years old. Unfortunately, she injured herself getting out of the bathtub a few years ago. From then on, she lived with members of her family.

She was raised in Lancaster County, South Carolina before marrying John Ford and moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. Together, the couple had 12 children. Her children gave her 68 grandchildren, 125 great-grandchildren and 120 great-great-grandchildren.

“She was a pillar and stalwart to our family and provided much-needed love, support and understanding to us all,” Ford's great-granddaughter, Tanisha Patterson-Powe, said in a statement.

“She not only represented the advancement of our family but of the Black African American race and culture in our country. She was a reminder of how far we have come as people on this earth."

In her final days, Ford lived a peaceful and relaxing life. According to members of her family, Ford spent her time looking at family albums, listening to gospel music and doing puzzles. When asked how she managed to live as long as she did, she answered, "I just live right."

Tragically, Ford is not the only ancestor to pass away within the last few weeks. Recently, the third oldest woman in America also passed away. Michigan resident Ellen Goodwill passed away in March after living to be 114 years old. Both Goodwill and Ford lived well past the CDC's average life expectancy of 78 years old.

"She's been a lady of grace, knowledge, and has been a blessing to all," Goodwill's close friend, Sharon Miller said.

"Normally people don't live past 100, and God had her here for a reason."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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