Therapist Creates App To Keep Black Drivers Safe During Traffic Stops

A recent study from New York University found that Black drivers are 1.5 to two times more likely to be stopped by the police than their white counterparts. Adding on, these traffic stops can turn violent. From Philando Castile to Daunte Wright, Black communities are no stranger to everyday traffic stops that end in death. As the mother of a young, Black driver, Charmine Davis worried for her son's safety. However, she took action to somewhat curb her fears.

"It’s not a surprise, or secret, that African-American males ... are more likely to be pulled over by police," Davis told FOX 10.

"And lots of times those interactions are really unfavorable."

Davis has recently launched an app called "Just Us" that can not only help her own son, but it could also help millions of others. While driving, app users have access to the following three features: help, check-in and heads up. The "Heads Up" feature allows user to notify their contacts that they've been stopped by the police. "Help" lets the user's contacts know where they are and that help is needed. "Check-In" lets others know that the user is ok.

"I’m hoping this can make a big difference," Davis added.

"This app was designed by a Black mother with Black children."

This app can be used in a variety of situations including walking home late at night or bike riders traveling into a new area. The app's versatility and innovative nature has resulted in 4,000 downloads in less than a year. As protests continue following the death of Daunte Wright, apps like "Just Us" are in demand more than ever.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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