New Exhibit Honoring The Life Of Breonna Taylor Opens In Louisville

An art museum in Louisville, Kentucky recently opened an exhibit that honors the lives of Breonna Taylor and two protesters who were killed last year. 

The Speed Art Museum worked on the exhibit with Breonna’s family and community members and opened its doors to the public two weeks ago, WLKY reported

The “Promise, Witness, Remembrance” exhibit was curated by Allison Glenn who says the exhibit attempts to “show a reflection” of Breonna’s story and the protests that took place following her death on March 13, 2020. 

“The question of promise is, for whom are these rights afforded and how can we assure that they’re afforded to everyone?” Glenn told the outlet. “Breonna’s Story is about the subsequent protests. It’s about all of these things and so I really attempted to show a selection of that story with the timeline, photographers, and images.”

Artwork from artists in Louisville, some of whom attended protests last year in Breonna’s name, as well as artists from around the US, is featured in the exhibit to, as Glenn says, preserve Breonna’s story and the collective action that was taken after her killing. 

“Art gives us an opportunity to see things differently and in this story which in Breonna’s Story, we also have the story of Tyler Gerth, the story of Travis Nagdy, there are so many people whose images are depicted or whose work is included,” Glenn said. 

“I hope people think expansively about the role of art. The role of art and activism, the role of art in social justice,” Glenn added. “How artists help us understand.” 

The exhibition is set to remain open until June 6. 

Photo: Getty Images 

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