Twitter Goes In On Tim Scott After He Says The US Is ‘Not A Racist Country’

South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott was the subject of a dragging on Twitter after he said America is “not a racist country” during a speech. Scott delivered his party’s rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s Congressional Address on Wednesday (April 28) and sent social media buzzing. 

Twitter users wanted to know how Scott reached his conclusion about America not being a racist nation even though he said he had “experienced the pain of discrimination.” The senator also added, “I know what it feels like to be pulled over for no reason and to be followed around a store while I’m shopping.” 

Scott, who is the only Black Republican serving in the Senate, said he gets called “Uncle Tom and the N word by Progressives,” which led to “Uncle Tim” trending on Twitter.

Some white people even joined in the trend, which some called ironic given Scott’s assertion that America isn’t racist. People checked them, too, though.

Sen. Scott added in his remarks that Joe Biden was dividing the country, and called police officers who patrol Black communities “brave.” “We are not adversaries,” he said. “We are family.” 

Photo: Getty Images

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