Artists Team Up To Launch Mental Health Awareness Campaign For Black Youth

Mental Health Awareness Month is underway and a group of musicians are adding their voices to the conversation. Partnering with the Ad Council and Pivotal Ventures, Tobe Nwigwe, KAMAUU, Empress Of and Lauren Jauregui have launched the "Sound It Out" campaign. Through the campaign, the star artists will offer resources to parents of middle school youth as they hope to boost the emotional wellness of young, Black and brown children.

“The most impressionable minds of any group of people are the minds of children. In America, the most systematically attacked and targeted community is the Black community,” KAMAUU said.

“I was drawn to participate and be a part of this project in the name of self-preservation. In doing what I can to help the youth and parents (fathers and mothers), I can help create a better community for myself and for my future children.”

The quarter of critically acclaimed will also power the campaign by putting together a compilation album addressing topics of emotional well-being. Adding on, Tobe Nwigwe, KAMAUU and the crew will also lead conversations about the intersections of mental health and music.

“Conversations with young people about their emotional health and wellbeing can be difficult, but are critically important, especially during a pandemic that has left many feeling isolated and alone,” Dr. Renee Wittemyer of Pivotal Ventures added.

“The 'Sound It Out' campaign uses the unique power of music to help young people and the adults who care for them find a common language to express these emotions. Innovative efforts like this one are essential to helping more young people get the support they need.”

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