William Tate Is Set To Become The First Black Man To Lead An SEC University

History has been made in the Southeastern Conference and it has nothing to do with the league's towering athletic programs. William Tate has made history as the first Black man to serve as president of Louisiana State University. Furthermore, he is the first Black man to lead any university within the SEC.

“This is a very pivotal time at our university, from economic, environmental, social challenges, but we are doing great things at this place. From our academic achievements, our enrollment, our diversity, I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished," LSU Board Chairman Robert Dampf said.

“We set about to find a great leader, and we found one."

William was selected unanimously out of a group of nearly two dozen qualified candidates. While he currently works as the provost at the University of South Carolina, he will move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in July. In the meantime, Tom Galligan of the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center will work as the university's interim president.

“What I’m really most excited about is I met students here who really are amazing, and for me, this position is all about what we can do to help students and give people access and opportunity in higher education," Tate said after earning the position.

“That’s really in my DNA, how do we help people regardless of their background — we find the money, get you here and give you the opportunity to live your dream. I think there is no better place in the United States to come find your dream and to make it happen than right here at LSU.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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