Michelle Obama And Barack Obama Portraits To Embark On National Tour

Get your tickets now! Michelle Obama is embarking on a national tour this summer. Well, she's not going on tour. However, her stunning portrait from the National Portrait Gallery is heading on a five-city nationwide tour this summer. The Amy Sherald portrait will make stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Brooklyn and Atlanta.

“We’re a history museum and an art museum, and they are really great representations of both. This tour is an opportunity for audiences in different parts of the country to witness how portraiture can engage people,” National Portrait Gallery Director Kim Sajet said.

“You can use these portraits as a portal to all sorts of conversations.”

Michelle Obama's portrait from Amy Sherald will not be traveling alone. As always, she will be joined by her husband, former President Barack Obama. His portrait, designed by Kehinde Wiley, will also embark on the five-city tour as well. As a result, the two portraits will not be back in the National Portrait Gallery until next year.

Portraits of the former President and First Lady were first introduced in 2018 and it dramatically increased the number of visitors at the National Portrait Gallery. One year prior to the portraits' installation, the gallery drew approximately one million visitors. When the portraits were introduced in early 2018, the National Portrait Gallery drew nearly 2.3 million visitors.

The Obama portraits are also an important piece of American history. As the first Black couple to occupy the highest office in the land, the Obamas are also the first Black President and First Lady to have a portrait such as this in the National Portrait Gallery.

"I'm also thinking about all the girls and girls of color, who in years ahead will come to this place...will see an image of someone who looks like them hanging on the wall of this great American institution," Michelle Obama said at the portrait unveiling in February 2018.

For those interested in viewing the portraits, the Smithsonian has listed the dates on its official website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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