A Black Woman-Owned Ice Cream Brand Is Now On Shelves At Walmart

Ice cream lovers are in for a real treat! A Black woman-owned ice cream brand is now being sold at Walmart stores around the country. Creamalicious, founded by company president and executive chef Liz Rogers. Rogers takes four generations worth of family recipes and infuses them into her ice cream for a two-in-one delectable treat. 

“Creamalicious is about four generations of family-owned recipes, baked from scratch in their entirety, and they’re intertwined in a super-premium ice cream base. So, it’s a very high quality, very creamy, 13% butter fat ice cream that’s very decadent, very indulgent,” Rogers said in a recent interview with Southern Living

Beyond the creamy goodness, Rogers told the magazine each pint of her product tells a story. The ice cream, she said, “talks about real people. It talks about real things. It just represented family and it represented love and history and culture,” Rogers said.

With flavors like “Slap Yo’ Mama Banana Pudding” and “Aunt Poonie’s Caramel Pound Cake” or “Right As Rain Red Velvet Cheesecake,” it’s hard to resist diving into the flavor and stories behind them. “The red velvet cake literally was a celebration cake, it’s what African Americans ate to celebrate their freedoms,” Rogers said. “We walk about the porch light peach cobbler [flavor] and it's very symbolic to ‘the light is always on.’ If you saw that light on someone’s porch it just means welcome… This house is safe.” 

Rogers told the publication her ice cream is “one of the first African American ice cream manufacturers in the world and as of today, the only one in mass production.” 

Those interested in trying the ice cream can find pints in select Walmart stores. You can also order pints of Creamlicious online, by clicking here

Photo: Getty Images

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