Former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley Signs Up To Fight YouTube Star Jake Paul

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley has reportedly signed a deal to fight YouTube sensation Jake Paul. The fight is expected to take place on August 28 at an unidentified location.

Jake Paul ventured into boxing for the first time back in January 2020 against Ali Eson Gib. After defeating Gib, he fought both former NBA star Nate Robinson and former UFC fighter Ben Askren. All three fights have come by way of first-round knockout. While Paul has gained experience in the ring during his short boxing run, Woodley is widely considered to be his toughest test yet.

Woodley is a mixed martial artist who grew up in Ferguson, Missouri. In 2000, he won the state's 160-pound wrestling title. After graduating from high school, he attend the University of Missouri where he won the 165-pound Big 12 Championship. From there, he embarked on a professional mixed martial arts career that led to wins over notable fighters like Stephen Thompson, Darren Till and Robbie Lawler. He also won the men's UFC Welterweight Championship and defended it four times before losing it to the current champion, Kamaru Usman.

Woodley and Paul are expected to face off for the first time during a press conference in Miami, Florida on Friday. The presser will be added to the eventful media week leading up to Logan Paul's showdown with former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Given Paul's statements, it appears that he believes he will beat Woodley and is angling for a fight with another fighter.

"In just his fourth professional bout, Jake is taking on much tougher competition than any boxer does at a similar stage of their career, which usually includes extended amateur experience," Paul's adviser Nakisa Bidarian told ESPN.

"Floyd Mayweather, who was 84-9 as an amateur, entered his fourth professional fight against an opponent that was making his boxing debut and ended his career at 0-4. Moreover, in his 50th pro fight, after going 49-0, he fought Conor McGregor, who was making his boxing debut."

Bidarian's statement neglects to include that Mayweather Jr. beat all-time greats like Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao, Shane Mosley and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez en route to becoming 49-0. However, it is clear that they are hoping to goad Mayweather Jr. into a future bout.

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