Tiffany Haddish Tapped To Play Florence Griffith Joyner In Biopic

Tiffany Haddish has made her way into Hollywood as a comedian, but she slowly built up her reputation as an actor as well. The star comedian has appeared alongside Kevin Hart in Night School, contributed to Bad Trip and shined in Girls Trip. As she has built up her acting resume, many of the roles she's taken are in comedic films. However, that will change in the very near future.

Tiffany Haddish has been cast as Florence Griffith Joyner in an upcoming biopic about the track star. Shortly after learning the news, Haddish took to Twitter to share the exciting news.

"My heart is so full right now! I can’t even explain how hard I am going to work to honor her legacy," Haddish tweeted.

Haddish hasn't even stepped foot on the set, but she is already letting her fans know how seriously she will take this role. When a fan replied to her initial tweet with a hint of skepticism, she let her know that Griffith Joyner was her idol as well and that she would do everything to honor her legacy.

"FloJo is my idol. Please, don’t mess this up," one fan told the comedian.

"She is mine too. If I mess this up I will kick my own a--," Haddish replied.

Griffith Joyner served as a hero for many young, Black girls during the 1980s and 1990s. Her style and speed not only won her medals on the track, but it also earned her fans off of it. During her career, Griffith Joyner won three Olympic gold medals and two silver medals. Adding to her legacy, he set world records in both the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash. Thirty-three years later, those records still stand today. Unfortunately, her life was cut tragically short by a fatal epileptic seizure at the age of 38 years old.

Haddish is not only landed the role of Florence Griffith Joyner, but she also rumored to be the favorite to take over for Ellen DeGeneres on CBS when the longtime talk show host steps aside. The star actress hasn't addressed the rumors just yet, but reports continue to point in her direction.

“She’s top of the list to get a daytime show – she’s a fresh voice," a source at NBC told Page Six.

A lead role and a top talk show sound like a win for Haddish!

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