Waffle House Crew Pitches In To Get High School Coworker To Graduation

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Employees at a Waffle House in Center Point, Alabama, with the help of some guests, pitched in to get a high school student and their co-worker to his graduation ceremony.

According to WBRC 6 News, Timothy Harrison showed up to work at the Waffle House on the day of his high school graduation, disappointed, but ready to start his shift. 

“I was disappointed. A little heartbroken,” Harrison told the outlet. He didn’t have his cap or gown for the ceremony, his family was working, and he didn’t have a ride to get across town to the ceremony. Harrison’s coworkers and some guests eating at the Waffle House worked together to get Harrison an outfit, his graduation regalia, and a ride. 

“The old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a baby, I’m just happy to be a part of that village,” Cedric Hampton, a manager at the restaurant said. “Nobody should miss that, especially a good kid like this,” Hampton added. “I couldn’t let him miss that day.”

Within a few hours, employees and guests gave donations to get Harrison an outfit and the cap and gown, and Hampton got the graduate across town just in time. 

“Not knowing what traffic would be, got him there just in time,” Hampton explained. 

Harrison shared that being able to attend the graduation was a highlight of his life. “When I sat down in that auditorium it was the best moment of my life,” he said. His coworkers, Harrison said, “gave me hope that it’s a future for me.” 

The new graduate told the outlet he plans on opening a business one day. 

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