Miami Heat Leaps Into Action In Wake Of Condo Building Collapse


Photo: Getty Images

When news reached the Miami Heat that a 12-foot condo building collapsed in Miami, Florida, their first instinct was the jump into action.

NBC Miami reported that Heat guard Tyler Herro and assistant coaches Chris Quinn and Eric Glass loaded a truck full of food, water, and other essentials for those in need. When they arrived at the scene, they handed out these supplies to first responders and displaced residents.

A video shared by WPLG reporter Will Manso shows Herro thanking first responders for their heroic efforts. He also revealed that he was working out that morning when he heard the news.

"I know it's got to be hard on you guys, as well, so I appreciate you guys coming out here and responding," he told the crews.

Around 1:30 a.m. Thursday (June 24), a beachfront condo building partially collapsed, killing 4 people and leaving nearly 160 more unaccounted for in the chaos, so far. Reporters are also learning that something may have been amiss with the condo's structural integrity before the tragic incident.

“This is 12 miles from our arena,” Heat vice president and charitable fund executive director Steve Stowe said. “We heard about this, and our immediate reaction was that we had to find a way to help.”

The NBA team is also working to find accommodations for the displaced residents and cooperating with their partners to get more help. The official team page on Twitter also posted a link to Support Surfside, a charity aimed at helping those negatively affected by the building collapse.

“These are the moments when a community has to come together, rise up and help,” Stowe said.

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