More Bodycam Footage From Raid Of Breonna Taylor’s Home Exists: Lawsuit

Photo: Jon Cherry/Getty Images

More body camera footage from the deadly March 13, 2020 raid on Breonna Taylor’s apartment exists, a new lawsuit claims. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday (July 7), accuses the Louisville Metro Police Department of withholding the footage and the records that would prove the footage existence. 

According to a report by WLKY, Taylor’s family attorney, Sam Aguiar claims in the lawsuit that the police officers who carried out the raid were issued body cameras that would have automatically turned on and that the department is not complying with open records requests. 

“Simply put, it would have been difficult for most of the LMPD members with body cameras and were associated with (Criminal Interdiction Division) events at Breonna’s and/or Elliott Ave on March 12/13, 2020 to not have had their Axon body cameras activated at one point or another,” Aguiar wrote in the lawsuit.

 The attorney reportedly took to social media earlier this year with these same claims though police have maintained that actual footage from the raid doesn’t exist. 

Aguiar asserts that the officers who left their body cameras or other areas would have also had the devices activated “to an event mode from a buffering mode, so long as the camera was within range of a signal unit.” 

Aguiar is requesting that a judge order the LMPD to hand over the requested information, citing the state’s open records law. The police department has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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