Police Uncover Racist Manifesto After Arresting California Man

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Wesley Charles Martines of Los Gatos, California has been charged with possession of assault weapons, multiple silencers, drugs and the makings of a pipe bomb following an arrest in early July. Martines' arrest has received major attention in recent days because members of the Campbell Police Department recovered a racist manifesto and bullets with the phrase, "Cop Killer," written across them that reportedly belong to the Los Gatos resident.

Martines first caught the attention of law enforcement when Farukh Mamedov, owner of a local auto shop, spotted him peering into cars and a nearby shed throughout the night.

“So the guy came in, he lifted up the cover off the car, and then he went out back and started searching for things, he’s kind of just prowling around,” Mamedov told KPIX in California.

On July 9, Mamedov called the police and officers responded, but Martines fled the scene. Not long thereafter, officers sported a truck that belonged to Martines and stopped him.

“So his demeanor throughout the interaction, I would describe as calm. He was not confrontational with us. However, on our initial approach during the traffic stop, the fill-in officer observed one of the AR-15 style assault rifles out in the passenger seat,” Campbell Police Captain Ian White explained to a local reporter.

After officers noticed an assault rifle in plain view, they searched the vehicle and were surprised to find multiple assault weapons, silencers, drugs and remnants of a pipe bomb. In addition, cops uncovered a handgun with ammunition that had the following phrases inscribed: “Cop Killer,” “To a widow from the Grim Reaper” and “A Good Start.” To top it all off, law enforcement found a racist manifesto that reportedly belongs to the assailant. The manifesto included Martines' plan to disguise himself as an employee at a local store ad tie everybody up. Prosecutors also said that the Los Gatos man wrote that he hoped to "wipe out the Black, Hispanic and Jewish populations."

"A great stop and great investigation. Lives were saved. Inevitably lives were saved," White added.

Martines has been arraigned and is currently being held on a $300,000 bond.

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