A Typhoon Is Headed Toward Tokyo And May Interrupt Olympics

Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

After a year’s postponement of the 2021 Olympic Games, a new delay is expected to arrive in Tokyo Tuesday morning (July 27).

According to ABC News, a typhoon is headed towards Tokyo and is already causing some shifts in the games' schedule, though local hosts say it’s nothing to be too concerned about. 

“It is a tropical storm of three grade out of five, so you shouldn’t be too much worried about htat, but it is a typhoon in Japan interpretation,” Tokyo Games spokesperson Masa Takaya told the outlet.

“This is the weakest category, but this is still a typhoon so we should not be too optimistic about the impact of the course.” 

Though some surfers say that the storm could improve the conditions for their sport –– as long as the storm doesn’t hit the beach –– the schedules for archery, rowing, and sailing have already been changed because of the storm. Takaya said no other scheduling changes were expected. 

The Opening Ceremony was held Friday (July 23) after the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the games by a whole year. Athletes began competing in Tokyo last week, under extremely high temperatures, so the typhoon is adding yet another obstacle for the schedule and competition.

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