Michael B. Jordan To Produce Black Superman Project For HBO Max

Michael B. Jrodan

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This year, Michael B. Jordan has made his presence felt in Hollywood by starring in the action-packed film, Without Remorse. In addition, he has made headlines for the roles he has not taken. Over the last year, he has shot down the idea that he would star in upcoming superhero films highlighting Static Shock and Superman. With that said, he may not be out of the superhero film industry altogether.

Early reports have indicated that Jordan and his production imprint, Outlier Society, have hired a writer to pen the script for a limited series of film highlighting the popular comic book character, Val-Zod. Val-Zod has been described as being the "Black Superman," but the character has a bit more weight than that.

"Val-Zod is a Kryptonian from Earth 2 in the pages of DC Comics who escaped from the planet with Kal-El and Kara Zor-El before its destruction. He remained hidden from humanity for several years until the Wonders, Earth 2's version of the Justice League, came looking for him to help take down what appeared to be a brainwashed Superman," a description from Cooper Hood reads.

"Val-Zod grew into his abilities from there and fought Darkseid's Superman clone named Brutaal. Val-Zod was created by Tom Taylor, Nicola Scott and Robson Rocha and made his comics debut in 2014."

HBO has not confirmed that Jordan is working on the project, but he does have a prior relationship with the network that dates back to his time on The Wire. He also appeared on an early episode of The Sopranos. Most notably, he produced and starred in the film, Fahrenheit 51, that produced on HBO.

The door is open for HBO to add its contribution to the growing superhero film industry as Marvel continues to dominate with series like Loki and films like The Eternals. Jordan's Val-Zod series could help swing the balance of power back toward DC.

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