White Woman Charged After Assaulting Black Hotel Clerk

Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

A white New Jersey woman is facing multiple charges after she was caught on video harassing and assaulting a Black hotel front desk receptionist. 

According to ABC News 6, 46-year-old Elizabeth Trzeciak was staying at a hotel nearby when she meandered into a Super 8 Hotel just after midnight last Monday (July 19) and began yelling at the Black front desk clerk. 

“Look, you n****, give me a call, Black man. Give me a call,” she is heard yelling in the video, appearing to be intoxicated. Thirty seconds into the clip, the woman throws a plant and hand sanitizer container before walking off. The 21-year-old employee recorded the incident, which the hotel’s owner called “appalling.” 

“I knew when I saw that video it was going to go viral because the behavior is just so appalling,” Michelle Banfe, an executive for Delco Development which owns that specific Super 8, told the news outlet. 

Police say Trzeciak was released to a family member at the neighboring hotel where she was until the video of her actions surfaced. That’s when she got charged with bias intimidation, simple assault and harassment. 

“Upon receipt of [the video], I took swift action,” Banfe said. “We went to the police, we went to the prosecutors and we called the mayor.” Hotel officials say the front desk clerk assaulted by the woman has been an employee there for three years and was “shocked.” 

“And to see someone come into our home and treat our family like that is devastating,” the Super 8 general manager Joe Pergine said. 

Trzeciak made her first court appearance Thursday (July 22) and will remain in police custody until her detention hearing on Tuesday morning (July 27). 

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