Usain Bolt Backs Simone Biles As She Steps Away From Tokyo Olympics

Usain Bolt

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If there is an athlete that knows how difficult it is to perform on the Olympic stage, it is Usain Bolt. For more than a decade, Bolt dominated the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes en route to eight gold medals and multiple world record performances. With that said, Bolt often made things look a lot easier than they actually were. Throughout his career, the Jamaican sprinter pushed through a number of physical injuries, but his toughest bouts involved being mentally prepared to perform on the world stage.

"You can be really fit but if you’re not mentally prepared for the challenge ahead, at times, you will fail," Bolt told CNBC.

“Because at times you get into your head and you start thinking about your weaknesses."

Bolt's words may ring true for Simone Biles who has dealt with an intense amount of mental trauma within the last three years. She has had testified at the sentencing hearing of of disgraced doctor Larry Nassar and endured a murder trial involving her brother. Not to mention, she had to stay mentally and physically sharp as the Tokyo Olympics were delayed one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All of these factors come into play when discussing Biles' recent decision to step away from both team competitions and individual competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. Fortunately, her friends, family members, teammates and a number of high-profile public figures stepped up to support her in this trying time.

One of the many high-profile public figures to offer support for Biles has been Bolt. During a recent interview with Pat MacAfee, the Olympic champion spoke about how taxing the Olympic process can be both physically and mentally. He also offered a brief message of support for Biles.

As Bolt spoke to McAfee, he offered a brief message for another American athlete by the name of Aaron Rodgers. Apparently, the Olympic legend became a Green Bay Packers fan by chance. In Jamaica, he did not watch too much American football, but the first game he did watch featured Rodgers and the Packers. From that moment on, he became a Green Bay fan

In recent years, Bolt has had a lot to celebrate. The Packers have reached the NFC Championship in consecutive years, but Rodgers may be looking for a way out. Throughout the offseason, the reigning NFL MVP teased the idea that he'd like to be traded. To his disappointment, the Packers refused to trade him and he was forced to report to training camp. While this may not have been an ideal situation for Rodgers, this was great news for Bolt, who thanked the NFL MVP for coming back for one more season.

Bolt did not stop talking about the NFL after discussing Rodgers' return to Lambeau Field. He also told Pat MacAfee that Kansas Chiefs Slot Receiver Tyreek Hill challenged him to a race. However, he brushed it off because he believes Hill has no shot of keeping up with him. In fact, Bolt once ran a 4.22-second 40-yard dash while wearing casual clothes. At his best, Hill ran a 4.29-second 40-yard dash while in full athletic attire.

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