Simone Biles Hints At An Olympic Run In 2024

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Entering the 2021 Summer Olympic Games, many expected seven-time Olympic medalist Simone Biles to end her Olympic career in Tokyo, Japan. Then, Biles suggested that her Olympic career could run until 2024 at the Paris Olympics.

"I've already done quite a lot, but I'm still trying to reach new heights and see what I'm capable of," Biles said during a recent interview with Glamour.

"I'm just really excited to see what's out there in the world and to see what else I'm good at. My coaches Cecile and Laurent are from Paris, so I think that would be a good run to end with them there. I'll see where we go."

Given that many Olympic gymnasts shift career paths in their early 20s, Biles' comments raised a few eyebrows. However, her unprecedented run in the sport gave many gymnastics insiders hope that she could indeed compete until she was 27 years old. Unfortunately, her struggles with mental health in Tokyo caused many to question if Biles would compete in Paris after all.

In spite of the doubters and critics, Biles has not officially stepped away from the sport. Instead, Olympic legend told NBC's Hoda Kotb that she is using her time to “relish and take this Olympics in.” Moving forward, she is "keeping the door open" for another Olympic run in Paris, France.

"Life just happens so quickly and now I have a greater appreciation for life after everything that's happened in the last five years,” Biles added.

If Biles decides to return in 2024, she will have an opportunity to break several Olympic records. Currently, she holds more Olympic gold medals than any other female gymnast in American history. Overall, she holds seven Olympic medals, which ranks ninth in women's Olympic gymnastics history. With a strong performance in Paris, she could rise as high as second on the all-time list.

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