Fauci Predicts America Could See 200,000 COVID-19 Cases Per Day By Fall

Anthony Fauci

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The United States of America is currently experiencing a frightening increase in new COVID-19 cases, but Chief White House Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci warns that it could get much worse. During a recent interview, Fauci warned that America could record anywhere between 100,000 and 200,000 new COVID-19 cases per day by the fall.

"Remember, just a couple of months ago, we were having about 10,000 cases a day," Fauci started.

"I think you're likely going to wind up somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 cases."

Like many other health officials, Fauci has warned that the recent surge will continue to get worse until more Americans are vaccinated. Currently, 50.4% of Americans are fully vaccinated against the virus, a figure that is three times higher than the global average. However, Fauci warns that 50.4% is not good enough to stifle the coronavirus and its many variants.

"What we're seeing, because of this increase in transmissibility, and because we have about 93 million people in this country who are eligible to get vaccinated who don't get vaccinated — that you have a significant pool of vulnerable people," he explained.

"If we don't crush the outbreak to the point of getting the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated, then what will happen is the virus will continue to smolder through the fall into the winter."

In recent weeks, the delta, delta plus and lambda variants have continued to surface in the United States and several other countries around the world. If America is unable to boost its vaccination rate, Fauci is worried that the virus will have "ample opportunity to mutate" and create more variants.

"[If another variant of COVID-19] comes along that has an equally high capability of transmitting but also is much more severe, then we could really be in trouble," Fauci concluded.

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