Michelle Obama Teams Up With Stacey Abrams For Voting Rights PSA

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Name a better duo than Stacey Abrams and Michelle Obama. I'll wait. Together, the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate and former First Lady are advocating for federal legislation that would protect everyday American's right to vote. In a short PSA released on Thursday, Abrams and Obama chastised restrictive voting laws that are being instituted in several states and laid out a game plan to combat these legislative maneuvers.

"Our democracy and our vote — the very foundation of this nation and the most powerful tools we have as citizens — are under attack," a joint statement from Obama's When We All Vote and Abrams' Fair Fight begins.

"Right now, dangerous legislation is being proposed across the country that limits the freedom to vote, cast our ballots, and have our votes counted. Many of these proposals would disproportionately impact Black, Brown, young, and working-class voters, and voters with disabilities."

This joint statement comes at a time when legislators in 17 different states have campaigned in favor of laws that would make it more difficult for many people to vote. Most notably, Georgia lawmakers passed SB 202 in March, legislation allowing Republican-controlled legislative bodies to control state election boards. Elsewhere, Texas lawmakers are working to ban drive-thru voting and 24-hour voting, measures that typically disproportionately impact Black and Brown voters.

In response to these recent efforts, Obama's When We All Vote has advocated for the approval of the "For The People Act." To spark interest in her effort, Obama has not only called ob Abrams, but she's also enlisted the help of Steph Curry, John Legend and several other celebrities.

“This bill is not about choosing one party or one issue over another,’’ the former first Lady said about the "For The People Act."

“It is about commonsense reforms and best practices that make our democracy more open, fairer, and more inclusive. It is about reaffirming our founding principle that we can chart our own course as a nation."

President Joe Biden and members of the Democratic Party have publicly supported the bill, but Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Dan Crenshaw have stood in the way of its passage. Six weeks ago, Senate Republicans used the filibuster to stop the bill and it has not moved through Congress since then.

"They're counting on us to stop paying attention. They're counting on us to be quiet. But they must not know who we are," a joint statement from When We All Vote and Fair Fight adds.

"Our work is just beginning. We need you in this fight with us to build the country we all deserve — that's what our progress demands. Are you in?"

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