The Watch List: Here's What We Know About The Final Season Of 'Insecure'


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If there's one thing that is true about film and television, it is best for your favorite shows to end on top before you grow to hate them. After four incredible seasons, Issa Rae has shared that her first foray into original television programming, Insecure, is on its way out. While it is difficult to say goodbye, Rae has made peace with the show's highly-anticipated ending.

"I'm definitely ready to let it go," Rae said about the show's finale.

"I knew that I wanted to end it after five seasons. And I feel like I'm really proud of this season that we're shooting now. It's so much fun, and it's made me appreciate the show in a different way."

With that said, there are still a ton of questions that need answers before the show says goodbye. Will Molly, played by Yvonne Orji, reconcile with Issa? What's going to happen to Tiffany and Derek's marriage? Above all else, will Lawrence, played by Jay Ellis, and Issa make things work?

What Happened In Season Four?

Season four of Insecure helped many people get through a portion of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each week, fans tuned in to see the deterioration of Molly and Issa's relationship while Lawrence and Issa seemingly fell back in love. However, everything came crashing down when Condola revealed that she was pregnant with Lawrence's child. Beyond the three core characters of the show, there is also a bit of drama. Kelly, played by Natasha Rothwell, is hoping to be taken more seriously by her friends and Tiffany, played by Amanda Seales, is dealing with a serious case of post-partum depression. If there was a bit of relief in this dramatic season, it came from Issa's brother, Ahmal, and Lawrence's right-hand man, Chad.

Quick Info


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Network: HBO

Production Status: Completed Filming

Premiere Date: TBA (Expected Q4 Of 2021 or Q1 of 2022)

Returning Stars: Issa Rae, Jay Ellis, Yvonne Orji, Amanda Seales, Natasha Rothwell

Renewal Status: This is the final season of Insecure.

Plot (Spoilers Ahead): Season five will test the foundation of the show. When Insecure premiered in 2016, there were two central relationships that steered the course of the show, Issa and Molly and Lawrence and Issa. At the end of season four, both relationships were on thin ice. Molly and Issa had a heated falling out at Issa's block party and Lawrence is left questioning his entire future with Issa when Condola gets pregnant. The final season of Insecure will look at how those relationships build back up or fall by the wayside.

What Is The Cast Saying About Season Three?

Issa Rae

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"I’ve been writing for eight years and shooting for six years, surrounded by a chosen family of incredible creatives. One day, I’ll be able to properly articulate what each and every person involved in the making of this show has meant to me and how they’ve changed me for the better. But for now, thank you for riding, for rocking, for trusting, for giving, and for taking a chance on me," Rae wrote on Instagram.
"I think we’re trying one of the questions that’s still sort of hanging from this: The Issa-Lawrence Issa-Nathan [relationships]. And can [Molly and Issa’s] friendship be better and what does that look like? Can Molly find love in a way that she doesn’t have to ruin it for herself and can she start to address the issues she really needs to address? Can Issa have success professionally? Really, the thing we’re playing with is, again: If life doesn’t look like how you imagined it, does that mean it’s a success or a failure?" showrunner Prentice Penny told Entertainment Weekly.
"You know, it’s a shocker because we just fell back in love, and we saw why, and we saw magic, and we saw that they’re soulmates. So you know, it’s a journey, and we get to roll that out. That’s a real story that has happened to people that we know. So we get to roll that out and really play with what that means. Like, is Issa gonna be a stepmom? Is she not down with it? Is Lawrence gonna be involved? Is he not gonna be involved? What does involvement look like?” Ellis said.

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