Tan Suit Twins: Biden Celebrates Obama's Birthday By Wearing A Tan Suit

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Best friends will find a way to shout you out even without saying a word. Celebrating the birthday week of former President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden wore a tan suit as a way to pay tribute to his best friend. The President spent a portion of his morning discussing the job market and the COVID-19 pandemic, but his tan suit spoke louder than his words ever could. A number of journalists and political pundits made a few jokes about the President's attire as well.

"Here in the East Room, I’m listening to the president. The subjects are serious - the economy, vaccinations, jobs - but it’s hard to focus, since I was so distracted by his tan suit," BBC News correspondent Tara McKelvey tweeted.

Former President Barack Obama infamously wore a tan suit during a press conference focuses on Russia and ISIS. While many people complimented the former President on his suit choice, his political opponents classified his attire as disrespectful.

“There’s no way I don’t think any of us can excuse what the president did yesterday,” Rep. Steve King said in 2014.

In my best Allen Iverson impression, I ask, "Suit? Suit? We weren't talking about international relations. We were not talking about terrorism. We were talking about practice?" Similarly, many journalists pointed out the comedic nature of Biden's attire as well.

"Another tan suit scandal," actor George Hahn jokingly wrote.

"I’m going with the theory that Joe Biden wearing a tan suit is a deliberate attempt to troll Fox News," Dan Rather added.

Obama planned to host an extravagant celebration at Martha's Vineyard with George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey in attendance. Instead, he will host a more intimate gathering with close family and friends due to COVID-19 concerns. President Joe Biden is not expected to attend the event.

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