Twitter Users Clap Back After Senator's Tweet Praising The Founding Fathers

Mike Braun

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Twitter takes no days off, not even Sunday. On August 8, Republican Senator Mike Braun was the punchline of many jokes after he sent out a tweet regarding the size of the federal government. To be specific, the Indiana lawmaker argued that "The Founders" did not intend for American society to have a government as large as it does now. Immediately after he sent out the tweet, many Twitter uses chimed in with critiques and jokes.

"The Founders never intended for anyone other than White property owners to vote...context changes over time," communications specialist Evan Shields tweeted.

"You didn't even know them, bro," bestselling author Ashley C. Ford jokingly added.

Braun made his initial statement on the Senate floor as the two parties debate the merits of a looming infrastructure bill. Supported by the White House and Democrats in Congress, the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill will provide resources needed to fight climate change and address home health care issues. In contrast, various Republican lawmakers have raised a number of issues with the package. Some oppose the social spending including in the infrastructure package while others like Braun oppose the amount of money that the government is spending.

"We throw trillions around like chump change now," he added.

"Anyone who has ever run something like a small business knows what we’re doing here is not sustainable. Most of the folks in Congress have never run a lemonade stand."

As expected, his follow-up tweets were not met with a warm welcome either.

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