White Woman Charged With Assault After Blocking Black Boy From Pool

Photo: Getty Images

A white woman is facing assault charges after putting her hands on a child who was trying to get into a public pool.

The unidentified woman was caught on camera standing in front of a gate of a community pool, blocking Heather J. Brown’s son from entering. By the time the now-viral video starts, Brown is already confronting the woman after she grabbed the child. 

“Don’t you put your hands on my son! Don’t you ever, ever put your hands on my son!” Brown says in the bystander’s video taken on July 6. 

According to multiple reports, the woman may have a history of blocking children “who aren’t white” from accessing the community's pool.

During the confrontation, Brown threatened to call police and once officers arrived, in true “Karen” fashion, the white woman lied to officers, stating that Brown had attacked her. The officers were starting to believe the white woman, except the bystander video caught the truth on tape. 

Brown posted an update on her TikTok account @hj_everyday, stating that the woman was charged with a misdemeanor for assaulting a child under 12.

The woman reportedly requested a public defender and is due back in court on August 20. 

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