Kamala Harris' Flight Delayed In Singapore After Potential Health Incident


Photo: Getty Images

Vice President Kamala Harris' flight from Singapore to Vietnam was delayed by several hours due to a "report of a recent possible anomalous health incident" from the U.S. embassy in Hanoi.

According to CNN, that is how the U.S. refers to the Havana syndrome, which has sickened hundreds of U.S. officials around the globe.

While intelligence officials are unsure what has caused the mysterious syndrome, a U.S. National Academy of Sciences panel found plausible evidence that it is caused by "directed energy" weapons. CIA Director William Burns suggested that Russia could be responsible but cautioned that more information was needed before a definitive conclusion could be reached.

After a delay of more than three hours, Harris departed from Singapore and arrived in Vietnam without incident.

"Earlier this evening, the Vice President's traveling delegation was delayed from departing Singapore because the Vice President's office was made aware of a report of a recent possible anomalous health incident in Hanoi, Vietnam. After careful assessment, the decision was made to continue with the Vice President's trip," Rachael Chen, spokeswoman for the U.S. embassy in Hanoi, said in a statement.

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