Stephen A. Smith Blasts 'Milk Crate Challenge' Participants

Stephen A. Smith

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For years, Stephen A. Smith has made his name in the world of sports as one of the most unique broadcasters on television. Last night, he entered a new area of broadcasting — late-night television. Filling in for Jimmy Kimmel, Smith hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live! with special guests Allyson Felix, Snoop Dogg and Nelly.

To get things going, Smith delivered a lengthy monologue that touched on the COVID-19 pandemic and Mike Richards stepping down as host of Jeopardy. At one point, he touched on the popular "Milk Crate Challenge" and all the hilarious videos it has delivered.

“I challenge anybody — anybody on Earth — to find people dumber than these people," Smith said.

“What is wrong with these people? First, you drink the milk from the crates to get strong bones — then you fall off the crates to break them?"

Later on, Smith discussed the "Milk Crate Challenge" with his special guest, Snoop Dogg.

“When they starting to shake, you know it is going to break,” the best-selling artist said as he watched a video of a man tumbling to the ground.

“His new name is Chesta because his chest-a hurt tomorrow.”

The two didn't spend the entire time joking. Smith and Snoop Dogg also discussed the use of marijuana in sports. The First Take host continuously pushed against the use of cannabis in sports by coining the phrase, "Stay off the weed!" In response, Snoop Dogg urged the NBA and NFL to allow players to use cannabis and gradually move away from other popular pain killers.

“I push for [weed] in sports because baseball doesn’t test for marijuana [and] hockey doesn’t test for marijuana, so it should be the same with basketball and football,” Snoop Dogg answered.

“What happens is you have these players who take these pills, and they get addicted to these pills, and it still doesn’t give them the relief that they need as far as the pain or whatever they’re going through.”

Smith filled in for Kimmel on Monday as the late-night host takes a sabbatical. Niall Horan will host the show on Tuesday with special guests Lizzo and the Jonas Brothers.

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