Teyana Taylor Reveals She Had Surgery To Remove Breast Lumps

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Teyana Taylor opened up about a recent health scare she experienced. 

On the most recent episode of the singer-dancer’s reality series with husband Iman Shumpert, We Got Love Teyana & Iman, Taylor revealed she had emergency surgery in Miami to remove lumps in her breasts. 

The results of a “complicated” procedure came back normal after her physician, Dr. Altman performed a biopsy on “dense” breast tissue and sent the samples out to be examined, People reported.

“I just want this to be the last time I go through this,” Taylor said on the show. “Cancer runs through my family, so it’s a scary thing both for me and Iman.” 

The “Bare With Me” singer shared that during the procedure, her thoughts were on her and Iman’s two daughters, Junie, 5, and 11-month-old Rue.

“When will I be able to hold my babies again?” she asked doctors in the episode. Her medical team cautioned against her lifting her kids for at least six weeks since the surgery was on her chest and underarms.

“It’s tough,” Taylor shared. “I’m definitely overwhelmed because I miss my kids so much, I miss Iman so much.” 

“I think that’s probably the longest I’ve been away from them,” she said. “My number one priority is to hurry and get back home, but I know I need to take care of what I need to take care of as well.” 

Taylor did some recovery before reuniting with her family in Atlanta. After doing some reflection, she shared she understood the long-term importance of going through the procedure. 

“I accept every single body scar, everything that comes with mommy-hood, but the changes –– physically, mentally, emotionally, it’s crazy,” she said. “As mommies, we really are super women.” 

“I just want to enjoy this moment and try not to think of the negative,” she added. 

Taylor most recently made history after being named Maxim's Sexiest Woman, becoming the first Black woman to receive the title. 

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