Black TikToker Says A 'Karen' Pushed Him Off Of His Skateboard

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More than one million people have liked a 29-second recording of an interaction between a Black music producer by the name of Memphisbluu and a white woman who has been characterized as a "Karen." The short clip shows "Karen" seemingly accusing the music producer of skateboarding in a neighborhood that she believes he doesn't live in. As the argument escalates, she appears to ask for his leasing agreement. Instead of engaging with her further, Memphisbluu exchanges a few more words with "Karen" and then continues down the sidewalk on his skateboard.

After the video was posted, the rising musician shared a bit more context. He explained that the woman seen in the video physically assaulted him before he began recording.

***The video below contains profane language***

"Before I started recording, she tried to stand in front of me to block my path and when I got past her, she pushed me off of my board," Memphisbluu wrote.

"What was she saying? [Was she saying] that you don't live in this apartment complex or something?" a user by the name Peter Fagan asked.

"That's what she was saying before I started recording. After I started recording, she was [trying to] say that skating wasn't allowed," he answered.

With more than one million likes and nearly 30,000 comments, he has earned a number of supporters.

"This was intoxicatingly satisfying," one user said about Memphisbluu's unbothered response to Karen's claims.

"This [is] how everyone talked to Karens," another user added.

Memphisbluu also commented that he was unsure if the woman lived in the neighborhood herself. However, it appears that he will continue to skate in the apartment complex as he has done before.

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