Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Surpasses $1M Fundraising Goal For HBCUs

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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. broke its own record on Wednesday (September 22), raising more than $2.1 million for HBCUs in just one day.

"In the fourth and final year of our HBCU Impact Day Initiative, I am pleased, honored, and excited to report that we have doubled our giving, exceeding the $2 million mark, an historic moment for Alpha Kappa Alpha, our members, other donors, and the institutions that will benefit from these funds," the sorority's International President Dr. Glenda Glover said in a statement.

The historic organization started the day of giving for HBCUs in 2018 "with a goal of raising $1 million in one day" as part of a four-year $10 million fundraising goal set by Dr. Glover under the sorority's HBCU For Life: A Call to Action Initiative.

"Certainly unchartered territory," said Dr. Glover, who is also president of her alma mater, Tennessee State University.

"We had the audacity to believe we could raise $1 million in one day. We did it then, as well as in 2019, and 2020," Glover said, noting that each year the million dollar goal was exceeded.

In July, AKA presented $50,000 checks to dozens of HBCUs totaling $1.6 million in unrestricted endowment funds. The organization has made contributions between $50,000 to $100,000 to all four-year accredited HBCUs over the past two years.

The funds and initiative are all to encourage students to attend historic institutions whose "significant contributions... continue to make in our cities throughout the country."

The sorority said that the $2.1 million raised doesn't include mail-donations or pledges that are still pending.

To learn more about the initiative, please click here.

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