Dr. Marc Lamont Hill Reveals He Recently Suffered A Heart Attack

Marc Lamont Hill

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Popular political commentator and Temple University professor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill recently underwent surgery to repair his achillies. However, one medical procedure quickly led to another more serious medical maneuver. As Hill recently revealed, he suffered a mild heart attack not long ago.

"After my successful Achilles surgery on Friday, I was rushed to the ER on Saturday after suffering a mild heart attack. Over the previous two weeks, I had DVT (deep vein thrombosis), which was caused by my Achilles rupture. This is an extremely common outcome for such injuries," Hill tweeted.

"My body is worn out and sore but I couldn’t feel more grateful to be alive and on the path to full recovery. Please listen to your bodies. If something feels off, go to the doctor. Don’t worry about seeming like a pain or a hypochondriac. Just go."

In the aftermath, a few Twitter users insinuated that Hill may have suffered a heart attack because he was vaccinated against coronavirus. For a few moments, the bookstore owner offered a couple of replies.

Beyond a few negative responses, more than a few of Hill's fans, colleagues and friends offered words of encouragement.

"Glad you're still with us," counseling professor Krystal L. Clemons wrote.

"Black people, [especially], please, navigating this world can make us think everything is important but ourselves. Listen to your body. It is always speaking," clinical neuropsychologist Dee Knight tweeted.

Thankful for the messages of support, Hill ended his thread by thanking those who have supported him through this difficult period.

"Thanks to everyone who helped, or offered to help, during this terrifying time. I’m blessed with amazing friends, wonderful family, and plenty of unmerited grace and mercy," he added.

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