Anthony Brown Is Ready To Bring The Hope To McDonald's Gospel Tour

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Gospel sensation Anthony Brown is ready to bring the hope in the next installment of McDonald's Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour.

The Black Information Network caught up with the "Amen" musician who said joining the 15th annual gospel tour was important given everything the community has been through in the last year.

"I really believe in the mission behind it," the musician said. "The biggest part of the mission, in my opinion, is about spreading the inspiration to as many people as possible, and right now with the pandemic that we're currently in and all that's going on in the world right now, I just thought that it was good to align myself with other hope dealers, if you will. People who are spreading hope and trying their best to share that hope and that love and that light with as many people as possible."

The concert tour is also raising funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which Brown had the opportunity of personally touring several years ago with fellow gospel artist Erica Campbell.

"I went there and saw for myself the level of care literally the angels unaware that they are for families all over the world despite what kind of illness is going on, despite the age of the person that's coming in, they literally are angels unaware for people's families, and once I saw that, I knew that this was something that was gonna be a passion of mine for years to come," Brown said.

In terms of where he gets his inspiration to create, especially in trying times, Brown says he relies on words his mother told him.

"I find inspiration in my music in the weirdest places, you know, um, my mom has always told me for years, you know, write songs that meet people where they live. That's always been her advice to me, and so I really get my biggest inspiration from everyday life," he shared.

"I try to position myself with one ear to the streets if you will and one ear to heaven," the artist said, adding that he asks "God for an answer to what I hear in the other ear, what people are going through, what they are experiencing, what they're talking about."

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This year's theme is "Gospel City Playlists" so the Baltimore native is also ready to put on the for the immense legacy of gospel found in the DMV-area.

"I definitely think the DMV is a powerhouse when it comes to gospel music," Brown said, being sure to add that there's no beef between any of the regions. The DMV, Brown said, is "a place that loves gospel music, supports gospel music."

"There's not an artist alive who's not trying to make sure they don't have the DMV behind them because the DMV is a strong gospel community. And for all the right reasons," he added. "The music that comes out the DMV, the spice of the DC go-go feel, all of that is present in our music from the production to the artists, everything. So, I am proud to represent the DMV and I think that, you know, it's the best," he said.

The Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour featured performances by Gulf Coast artists Bri Babineaux, DOE, Jonathan Nelson, L Spenser Smith, Pastor Mike Jr., and Sir the Baptiston September 19.

The West Coast artists Dawkins & Dawkins, DeWayne Woods, Erica Campbell, Israel Houghton, Lena Byrd Miles, and Mali Music performed September 26.

The Carolinas represented via live stream on October 3 and included performances by Isaac Carree, Blanche McAllister Dykes, John P. Kee, Melvin Crispell III, and Tasha Cobbs Leonard.

And last but not least, the DMV will take the virtual stage on October 10, featuring performances by Anthony Brown, JJ Hairston, Maurette Brown Clark, Patrick Riddick & D’vyne Worship.

To watch, viewers can tune in weekly at 8 p.m. Eastern / 7 p.m. Central on, BET’s YouTube Channel or the McDonald’s app to see the concert series.

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