These Are The Most-Searched Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas

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It's that time of year again! Spooky season, pumpkin (spice) season comes with sweater weather and the task of finding inspiration for Halloween costume ideas.

According to Rolling Stone, a new survey found that a lot of people are looking at several celebrities for inspo this year. Whether recreating memorable performance looks or even copying their past Halloween costumes, people are apparently on the hunt to get their look right.

The survey, commissioned by Design Bundles, found that top five most-searched celebrities are Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, Aaliyah, Marshmello and Cardi B. Taylor Swift came in sixth place, while The Weeknd, Katy Perry, music legend Elton John, and Lil Nas X made up the Top 10.

Design Bundles looked at the 500 most-streamed artists as reported by Rolling Stone and looked at Forbes' list of top 100 celebrity earners. From there, the survey narrowed down which celebrities had the most costume inspo searches in the US.

Travis Scott took the top spot with more than 13,000 people searching the rapper's name. However, they might not be trying to dress as the rapper, but the 2020 Batman costume he wore last year.

Ariana Grande came in second place on the search list. According to Design Bundles' survey, most people searched the singer's name and yellow hoodie and knee-high boots.

In third place is the Princess of R&B herself, the late Aaliyah, whose music came to streaming platforms in the last few months. The survey found that more than 3,700 Google searches included Halloween costume ideas from her iconic streetwear to her self-titled album cover look.

Marshmello came in fourth after more than 3,000 people searched for the DJ's marshmallow-shaped light-up headset.

Cardi B rounded out the list's Top 5.

Most people are searching for looks the rapper has worn in performances, like a leather-look nurse outfit, or a leopard-printed catsuit.

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