Black Twitter Exposes 'Red Flags' To Look Out For While Dating

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Sometimes the best –– and most relatable–– dating advice can come from Internet strangers.

That was the topic of discussion on Black Twitter on Tuesday (October 12) as tweets rang off with examples of what a potential bae might say or do that might\ be a warning to save someone the trouble of getting into a relationship with the person.

You might have noticed your timeline was filled with red flag emojis as people shared what they feel is a red flag in a potential boo –– either taking inspiration from their own dating nightmares or hearing stories. Some cited "Grand Rising" text messages as a warning or even the type of cologne a person uses at their go-to fragrance. Hopefully, the advice –– jokes and all –– has helped someone reclaim their time in the process.

While cuffing season is technically underway, there's still time to be extra careful before the final draft starts. Here's some advice from Black Twitter on what to look out for and how to stay ahead of the game.

Sports teams, TV shows, and even social justice organizations got in on the trend, too.

We even shared our own red flag –– not following us on TikTok. Be careful out there!

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