Meek Mill Shares His Take On 'Squid Game'

Photo: Getty Images

Rapper Meek Mill cut through the funny memes of the globally popular Netflix series Squid Game to offer a comparison to a more serious issue in the US –– poverty.

The record-breaking Netflix series has drawn in audiences across the globe with an intriguing and gruesome plot in which the show's characters must make do-or-die decisions to win an unfathomable, life-changing sum of money.

To Meek, the Squid Game is comparable to the real-life, dire financial situations some people are in, and, as he described, the show's plot points to an explanation for violence and social remedies.

"Pay attention how fast people switch and kill each other to think about the 'hood' poverty... it's the exact same thing... if you just help them with work/money they won't be that way," the Expensive Pain rapper tweeted Monday (October 11).

While many people agreed, some offered their ideas on the subject saying it takes more than just resources to end senseless acts of violence in communities.

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