Black Women Share 'Terrifying' Experiences At A DC Hotel In Viral Tweets

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Multiple Black women are speaking out after experiencing similarly "terrifying" incidents at the same hotel in Washington D.C.

Maya Angelique, known as @moneyymaya on Twitter, tweeted this week that while staying at the Cambria Hotel on October 11, a man "with dreads wearing a blue shirt, jeans and a mask tried to violently break into my room" at 1:00 in the morning, while repeated yelling, "Open the f––g door."

Maya wrote in a now-viral tweet that hotel management later told her the man was "housekeeping" trying to gain access to her room. The man had a key to her room's door, she added, raising concerns that a human trafficking ring may be operating out of the hotel.

The man did not gain access to the room, Maya said, because she had locked the door from inside.

Maya added that she personally knew friends who were "kidnapped, raped, and murdered," and noted that DC is "one of the leading trafficking cities in the country."

A state-by-state human trafficking report by Neal Davis, a Houston-based a law firm, found that the nation's capital had the most reported cases of human trafficking in 2019.

"When black girls go missing no one gives AF about us," Maya added in the Twitter thread.

Maya is unfortunately not alone in her experience at the hotel.

Another Black woman, Carmensita (@hey_sita on Twitter) tweeted that when she stayed at the same hotel and took a shower during the day, "a man with a blue shirt was in my room when I got out."

"'Housekeeping,'" they said. With no badge or cleaning supplies," she continued, detailing the harrowing experience and the hassle of getting her money returned.

Others chimed in on the thread, sharing reviews from previous guests who all detailed incidents at the hotel, including screenshots of guests' reviews. In one incident, a guest alleges to have seen "a girl getting dragged unconscious with no shoes or belongings with her into the elevator."

In a statement to The Daily Dot, a spokesperson for Choice Hotels, which manages the Cambria location said there is an investigation in the works.

"We are highly concerns about the incident at a franchised property in Washington, DC that we recently learned about, and we are in contact with hotel management to conduct a full review and investigation of that incident and of reports of other guest experiences. We take the safety of guests seriously, and it is always top priority for us and for the owners of our independently owned and operated hotels."

Still, many are spreading the warning to others about the hotel.

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The National Alliance on Mental Illness 1-800-950-6264

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